Some investing thoughts....

Investing involves risk, and risk is the chance your account value will drop below the amount of money you originally invested, or, the risk your account value will drop at all in any contextual time frame.

We cannot eliminate risk from investing, there is no such thing as "safe" when it comes to investments. The willingness to put money at risk defines investing, the unwillingness to put money at risk defines saving. Putting money in a bank CD is not investing in our view, because no risk of loss is involved. It may contain interest rate risk or inflation risk, but if there is no risk of losing money, then we don't define that as "investing" in our view.

In our opinion, investing is putting money at risk (hopefully educated risk) in the hope that risk will produce a reward over what saving vehicles produce. We believe with prudent investment allocations and periodic reviews; investment risk is reduced, and long-term investment goals are achievable. However, not everyone is an investor, some can and do lose sleep over receiving account statements where the value has dropped from the previous one. That's OK, everyone is different, there should be no shaming or shoe horning of anyone into doing it a certain way. We are not here to tell you that you should be doing it this way or that way. We are here to educate on the pluses and minuses of various investment ideas or options, then let you decide, or, help you decide if you prefer.

We see what we offer as a resource between people who want to invest money, while being a part of the decision-making process, and the investment market place.  Let's face it, everyone has different needs, wants and life passions or beliefs. There are some who love to dig into numbers, but not everyone wants to spend time looking at the investment markets and making investment choices and decisions. We offer a relationship, with someone who enjoys helping people find investments they believe, and we believe, fit who they are. Additionally, if you dislike the risks involved in investing, and you prefer savings vehicles, we can assist in finding those too.

We invite you to give us a call, come in and hear how we work, even if you have no current plans to invest. Our guess is after doing so, you will be saying a couple things to yourself….A. That wasn't what I was expecting....and B. They didn't try to sell me anything….