Our Firm

Brickler Asset Management, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Jack Brickler, CLU. We feel our job is to function as liasons between customers and the investment marketplace.


'We shall, in light of the circumstances surrounding our clients,

which we shall make every conscientious effort to understand,

give them the same attitude and service which,

we would have applied to ourselves'.


Our Company's Foundation is built on:

1. Keeping an open mind to an ever changing investment and financial marketplace.

2. Working with people on a long range basis. Our client/customer relationships are the foundation of our business.

3. Providing independent analysis and review, no quotas or products we must use or provide.

4. Working with people who are interested in building their net worth. We enjoy client relationships where mutual respect and a desire to grow personal wealth is shared.

5.  Providing a personally comfortable and open environment for the discussion of your investment and financial goals.  

Our goal as a business is to establish long term relationships, and provide a comfortable place for investment decision making. Investment decisions are more confusing today than ever. We at Brickler think our experience and personal touch are what set us apart.